A Wagon of Love

Oh, what doth the wintry snowdrift bring?

Two puppies snug in a box of red and green

In an old rusty children's wagon of blue

Are gifts to greet this Christmas anew

The young pups gaze out over the snow

Toward the house where the windows glow

For there within, a girl and a boy

Await a promised gift of loving joy

Their treasure is adorned with a big red bow

The same used one Christmas, a long time ago

When loving parents to their children gave

Two rescued puppies, whose lives they had saved

Gifts such as these, gifts of life and of love

Are like those given to us, from the Creator above

On that first Christmas was born in the night

A gift given--a child who would show us the light

What treasure will await you, on Christmas day?

What gift from God to you, in the snow doth lay?


Copyright 2006 by Kathy Pippig Harris